Garnier Light – Daily Moisturiser

Had heard a lot about the Garnier Light Moisturiser so finally decided to try it for myself and boy was I disappointed! For all the advertising and celebrity endorsement,this cream definitely does not stand for much on its own.

Price : Rs.78 for 18gms

Texture : The cream looks nice,like a normal cream when swatched but the actual application on the face is another story.The texture is not as smooth as I had expected and in fact there is a slightly gritty or you could say roughness to it.Basically,it does not go on as softly or smoothly as expected.

Fragrance : Nothing great or distinct.

SPF : 15 – A namesake for the Indian Sun.This is too low to help my skin atleast.

Post Application : The cream does not really leave a whitish cast but the skin does look a little whit post application.The skin also does not feel soft or smooth after you put this cream on and in fact has the same gritty/rough texture that I mentioned earlier.

Final Words : The cream has definitely let me down and I expected a quality product from Garnier.

Will I buy it again? Definitely not!