Lancome Juice Tubes – Crazy Raspberry

Lancome’s Juicy Tubes have been the toast of the lipgloss world for some time now especially since Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie mentioned that they use them.

For summer last year,Lancome tied up with famed designer Yayoi Kusama and launched a few limited edition juicy tubes.These glosses contain 100% natural origin ingredients and I read somewhere that honey is the main ingredient and these are in fact preservative free!

Price : Approx Rs.1,000 for 10 ml

Packaging : I thought the tube was too cute and the packaging is the reason that I was tempted to look  at the counter.I totally love the girly and playful feel that it has to it.

Texture : This one is a little thicker than the regular juicy tubes (maybe because of the difference in ingredients) and a little sticky.

Colour : It is not really pigmented so one should not expect a lot of colour. The gloss has no glitter/shimmer in it which is great and once on the lips it gives them a slight tint and a distinct shine.

Lasting Power : It lasts for about 3 hours at the max.

Final Words : This is a fun gloss to go with casual wear or on your next beach or fun in the sun trip when you want simply want some shine on the lips.The colours alone does not really show up much on Indian Lips,it can be used to layer over lipstick but could be a little sticky for that given its slightly thick texture.

This is how it looks once worn :


Will I buy it again? : Given the price, the lack of colour and staying power,plus the fact there are so many other glosses to try,I doubt it 🙂


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