Lancome Le Rouge Absolu – Rose Nu

I got this lipstick as a sample with my Lancome purchase and did not use it for the longest time.One fine day,I just gave it a shot and I fell in love!!

Price : Should be Rs.1200 – Rs.1400 (as all Lancome lipsticks are in that range)

Packaging : This is a sample pack so it’s not much to write home about but yes it does still have the familiar ‘click’ sound when you snap the lipstick case shut.

Texture : It goes on extremely light and smoothly on the lips and feels like second skin.The lipstick does not dry out at all and it keeps the lips hydrated as well.

Colour : The colour is perfect.It is the perfect MLBB colour! The lipstick is not heavily pigmented and is opaquely sheer so it looks wonderful and offers truly the no make up look.

Lasting Power : It lasts for about 4 hours,which is pretty good considering it is not heavy or strongly pigmented.

Final Words : I simply love it! I have been looking for this particular shade at every Lancome counter but they don’t have this exact shade.They have launched a new line of Absolu Nu lipsticks which I will check out soon 🙂

This is how it looks once worn :

Will I buy it again? : Absolutely Yes!! 🙂


Garnier Light – Daily Moisturiser

Had heard a lot about the Garnier Light Moisturiser so finally decided to try it for myself and boy was I disappointed! For all the advertising and celebrity endorsement,this cream definitely does not stand for much on its own.

Price : Rs.78 for 18gms

Texture : The cream looks nice,like a normal cream when swatched but the actual application on the face is another story.The texture is not as smooth as I had expected and in fact there is a slightly gritty or you could say roughness to it.Basically,it does not go on as softly or smoothly as expected.

Fragrance : Nothing great or distinct.

SPF : 15 – A namesake for the Indian Sun.This is too low to help my skin atleast.

Post Application : The cream does not really leave a whitish cast but the skin does look a little whit post application.The skin also does not feel soft or smooth after you put this cream on and in fact has the same gritty/rough texture that I mentioned earlier.

Final Words : The cream has definitely let me down and I expected a quality product from Garnier.

Will I buy it again? Definitely not!

Dove Face Wash – Beauty Moisture (Normal to Dry skin)

So I have super dry skin which borders on sensitive sometimes and sometimes behaves increasingly normal.Net net my skin has a mind of its own,which is the reason that I have tried multiple face washes and the search for a face wash that is soft on my skin and does not dry it out led me to Dove!


Price : Rs.70 for 50 gms


Likes :

1.It feels really soft on my skin,the texture is really nice and it lathers very well.

2.The fragrance is pleasant and extremely mild.

3.It does not dry out my skin and my face does not feel tight or stretched after I use it.

4.A little goes a long way.A pea sized amount is what it takes to work up a rich lather.


Dislikes :

1.I feel the texture has become a little syntheticy after they have started to manufacture it in India.They used to import it or manufacture it in Vietnam before.

2.There is no other creamy face wash like this one in the market that it could be compared to.So there really is no benchmark for comparison for Dove in this price range.


Will I buy it again? Yes,most certainly as it really suits my skin and is mild to use.I recommend it to all the dry skinned girls out there.Trust me you will not regret it. 🙂


MAC Glitter and Ice – Fabulously Festive Face Kit (Warm) : Review

MAC Glitter and Ice - Fabulously Festive Face Kit (Warm)Hey everyone,

So I love make up and have been tracking the MAC Glitter and Ice collection ever since it was launched in the US.Was thrilled when it was launched in India and finally in Mumbai last week and I quickly snapped up the Festive Kit in Warm!

They had three face kits available in Warm,Cool and Frost.The Frost was a Nordstorm exclusive in the US but was available in my neighbourhood MAC store 🙂

I tried on all 3 and while each of them was great,I thought that the warm one had shades that were most wearable and buildable to wear on a daily basis     

Price : Rs.3,250

What you get :

1.A pouch in the glitter and ice theme colours : The pouch is not much to write home about.The quality isn’t that good.The external packaging and packaging quality on the other sets like the gloss and pigment sets was much better.I particularly loved the uber cute globes!

2.Three short handled brushes – 275SE,266SE,129SE : The brushes come with cute glitter handles and though they aren’t as good as the full sized ones,they definitely are not bad either.They get the job done pretty well and are really great to carry in your bag or make up pouch as well.

3.Lipstick – Mellowarm (Frost) : The colour is an orangish coral and may come off with a little bit of a reddish base on some people.If you don’t like the red you can cut it by lining your lips with a nude or light brown liner first,totally neutralises the red.But I quite like the lisptick,it’s opaque and finish is quite creamy and not really frosty.Looks great as a lipstain as well if you just dab (not apply) on your lips.

4.Lipglass – Join The Party : It’s peach coloured and a little milky.Looks totally nude on Indian skin tones when applied by itself,will not was you out but there will be no colour either.Good to wear alone when all you want is just shine on your lips.But it’s great to wear over Mellowarm as it tones down the colour and gives it a nice sheen.

5.Eyeshadows – Golden Flurry (Lustre),Soft Brown (Matte),Omega (Matte),Carbon (Matte) : The eyeshadows in this kit are really neat.
– Golden Flurry is a light glittery pink which will work great as a highlighter.I think its a tad less pigmented to show up alone on Indian skin though if it does post working on some primer then it’ll look really awesome.I love the colour.
– Soft Brown is my favouritest eyeshadow in this kit.As the name suggests,a really soft shade of brown,think the lightest shade of melted milk chocolate.It’s really understated and a super everyday wear colour.Blended with Carbon or Omega or even worn all alone,it simply looks great with just a thin line of eyeliner.
– Omega : This is a dirty,ochre like brown and does not so much for my skin but is good as a blender to create a two toned eye.
– Carbon : A matte black,the holy grail of the smokey eye.This shadow is wonderful to use as a base,as a liner,to blend or to simply highlight the corners.It’s a great all rounder and can work wonders when used right.I see myself hitting the pan quickly on this one.

6.Blush – Seasonal Appeal (Matte) : Peachy brown in colour,looks great even with only one swipe.I like the colour and it’s a great day wear blush.The matte finish makes it look discreet and the colour pay off is good.

Final Words : I think the kit is great value for money considering that each MAC item costs an average of Rs.1,000.Also,the normal eyeshadows are 1.5 gms and cost Rs.900 – Rs.950 whereas in this kit each shadow is 1.6 gms! So considering the number of items,the wearability of colours and the fact that the quality of each product (except the brushes!) remains the same, I say its definitely worth checking out.

Hope you liked the review,would be great to hear your comments and views. 🙂


Lancome Juice Tubes – Crazy Raspberry

Lancome’s Juicy Tubes have been the toast of the lipgloss world for some time now especially since Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie mentioned that they use them.

For summer last year,Lancome tied up with famed designer Yayoi Kusama and launched a few limited edition juicy tubes.These glosses contain 100% natural origin ingredients and I read somewhere that honey is the main ingredient and these are in fact preservative free!

Price : Approx Rs.1,000 for 10 ml

Packaging : I thought the tube was too cute and the packaging is the reason that I was tempted to look  at the counter.I totally love the girly and playful feel that it has to it.

Texture : This one is a little thicker than the regular juicy tubes (maybe because of the difference in ingredients) and a little sticky.

Colour : It is not really pigmented so one should not expect a lot of colour. The gloss has no glitter/shimmer in it which is great and once on the lips it gives them a slight tint and a distinct shine.

Lasting Power : It lasts for about 3 hours at the max.

Final Words : This is a fun gloss to go with casual wear or on your next beach or fun in the sun trip when you want simply want some shine on the lips.The colours alone does not really show up much on Indian Lips,it can be used to layer over lipstick but could be a little sticky for that given its slightly thick texture.

This is how it looks once worn :


Will I buy it again? : Given the price, the lack of colour and staying power,plus the fact there are so many other glosses to try,I doubt it 🙂